• Cable spares

    Cable spares (4)

    We offer a wide range of cable support parts and accessories to cover all installation solutions
  • Cable tools

    Cable tools (2)

    We offer high quality tools for fast and perfect connections of many electrical cable types. These include DC and AC cable types from the very small to the larger heavy connections.
  • Cables

    Cables (7)

    Cables for electrical installations in AC and DC configurations
  • cables for batteries

    cables for batteries (1)

    We offer a complete range of battery cables and accessories.
  • Photovoltaic couplings MC3

    Photovoltaic couplings MC3 (6)

    Photovoltaic coupling like our MC3 range creates a safe contact between photovoltaic cables through connection. When making a photovoltaic joint makes sure that you always use the correct MC3 connector. We operate an ISO9001 system to make sure all products have full traceability, ensuring you that these are genuine MC3 photovoltaic products MC3 photovoltaic couplings are IP67, therefore they are…
  • Photovoltaic couplings MC4

    Photovoltaic couplings MC4 (7)

    Photovoltaic couplings range of safe 1000v contact between male and female cable connections. 3 way branch solar fittings for those joints in parallel. Always try to provide the correctly matched MC4 connector couplings, if these are not, arcing can take place risking damage to cables and equipment parts. All joints are IP64 weatherproof, therefore they are safe to use in…
  • Photovoltaic Warning labels

    Photovoltaic Warning labels (2)

    Solar photovoltaic warning labels Comply with installation best practice when commissioning a Solar PV Systems MCS warning labels have been approved to meet the strict prerequisite requirements laid down by the photovoltaic legislation, any failure to comply with this requirements can make your photovoltaic installation a non-compliance in the eyes of the governing body of the photovoltaic industry requirements. Our…
  • Solar Panel Parts

    Solar Panel Parts (1)

    Solar energy generator spares Solar panel parts that include quality cables MC4 couplings tool kits crimp tools spanners fixing rails stainless steel meters installation and commissioning equipment parts. PV isolation switches are to provide safe disconnection, these are available in DC isolation 12A, isolation in 16A, and 32A, AC isolation available in 25A switches. Generation meters to log energy generated. A…
  • Solar PV Lead slate

    Solar PV Lead slate (1)

    Solar panel lead slates for photovoltaic cable entry into roof line.
  • SunClix solar cable coupler

    SunClix solar cable coupler (2)

    SunClix solar cable couplers These quick and easy solar cable connections can be assembled without the need of any crimp tools. Quick and easy to manufacture, requiring only a cable strip tool.

About this category

Dragons breath solar provide a complete range of cable accessories and associated solar cable spares to compliment every part of the solar power transmission connection task. All products are available to correspond with the scope of project in hand.


These may be needed when securing any PV system against outside interference. The range include MC4 type leads and spare parts, tools, labels and much more to finish any installation.