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    • Dragons Breath solar offer a flexible solar panel kit. These kits have been designed to offer our customers options when setting up the flexible solar panel to charge a battery pack. Option 1: 50wp Sunpower semi flexible solar panel | Victron PWM controller Option 2: 50wp Sunpower semi flexible solar panel | Victron MPPT controller | cables from battery to…
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About this category

We have designed our own off-the-grid Battery solar charging kit.

This solar battery charger has been designed with our customers in mind. It take the solar-energy from sunlight and powered by a crystalline solar array, will push the solar electric into lead acid batteries safely via a solar charge controller to recharge the backup power.

A ready to run trickle charge battery management solar charger kit, designed to provide power to batteries while away from your location. This could be on a boat, in a caravan, cabin, stable, equestrian use, allotment, portable building and much more.

By using this ready to run high efficiency PV-system, you can rest assured that your portable solar battery system never runs dry of power.

The battery bank is the part that can either be supplied by you the customer or, we will ask about your needs to determine the correct battery-charging size to suit your needs. This in essence is how we determine the power output-solar power system in watt size.