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We provide a range of 12v solar panels made for battery charging. These low voltage modules provide charging options through control equipment to offer a DC battery solution. These are designed with durability in mind, for mobile homes, caravans and applicable sites.  They will consequently deliver power during the day into a storage facility such as a remote battery power pack for use later or when dark. This can feed LED lights and other low energy consuming equipment for toilets etc. where remote conditions do not have the infrastructure or maybe prohibit the use of normal power generating equipment. Use this method of utilizing the solar energy from the sun in any location including motor homes, boats and moorings. Small and efficient for battery charging away from the grid. Dragons breath solar specialize in off grid systems, offering small 12v solar panels used primarily for battery charging small remote applications. The essence of any system is only as good as it weakest link, and by using the best possible small solar panels to power 12v systems. You will enable the maximum solar gain to be obtained. We offer a range of small sized solar panels to suit every project need. As these all enjoy the lower voltage thresholds of 12v. There is no risk of over powering any battery system, providing you utilise the correct charge control management product to match your desired panel solutions. We are here to help you, and thus will only provide adequate sized equipment parts matched to work effectively with each other. This will primarily involve us asking you some questions, enabling the correct configuration installation requirements. Contact us in the first instance for your low voltage and we will provide the perfect design. Click on this link to see all 12v SOLAR PANELS Low voltage 12v solar panels designed for remote application battery charging, as a solution to providing power from PV modules.