12v Solar lights

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We provide a high quality 12v solar lights with 12w and 18w solar LED street light outputs at 3500k, complete with internal driver. These can be used for many lighting variations using our system controls and bespoke
equipment parts. This LED product has five years warranty with high performance.

  • 8w @ 1160Lm output
  • 10w @ 1450Lm output
  • 12w @ 1740Lm output
  • 15w @ 2175Lm output
  • 18w @ 2610lm output
  • 20w @ 2990Lm output
  • Chip sets are designed and manufactured to maximize performance.
  • They are sold complete with post clamp arm

Sized to correspond with solar panels and associated framework, this is
ideal for many remote non grid connected applications around the World.

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12v solar lights

specification relating to this high performance product.

A Very desirable 12v solar lights using LED’s that work via a low input for non grid connected 3500k illumination applications.