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Bring the Sun out at night with solar street lights

For years, we have been reliant on electricity to give us light.

Now technological advancements have allowed us to harness the suns awesome power, creating a new age for light and power. At Dragons Breath Solar, we provide bespoke solar street lights, tailor made in the UK to light up car parks, walkways, streets and other un-adopted areas that need illumination. We work in conjunction with many local authorities and governments to provide high performance solar street lights to their specification, where they offer communities safety and comfort on even the darkest nights.

Why Solar Street Lights

Solar power is a type of energy harnessed from the power of the sun’s refracted rays. It’s the greenest source of energy there is. Just like the wind, solar power is a virtually unlimited and inexhaustible fuel resource that does not require mining or gathering. Our exclusive range of Dragons Breath solar street lights are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and as green as they come. By switching to solar street lights, local authorities can enjoy lower maintenance costs and complete independence from the National Grid. The products also reduce the carbon footprint associated with standard street lighting. A solar powered street light emits zero carbon, and combined with an incredibly low running cost it adds up to big savings. 

What Makes Dragons Breath Solar Different 

Dragons Breath Solar has been helping customers go off the grid for many years. Our unique solar powered street lighting system is designed and manufactured by our plants in the UK specifically to order. Providing bespoke solutions designed by our team, who work closely with customers to design, manufacture and install a dedicated solar street lighting system that fits the specifications you need. By using one of our solar powered street light units, you will help reduce light pollution by many kg of Co2 per year. Cut energy costs and reduce maintenance thanks to their efficient and robust nature. In short – we are the only place you will find bespoke designed and manufactured solar street light solutions. Dragons Breath Solar can help you create a solution that works for your environmental needs. We provide power to run lighting products, safe low voltage systems with 1, 3 & 5 years warranty available on mechanical parts, LED’s & solar panels. We can set times to correspond with the required hours lighting per evening.

LED chip sets available in 6-24w outputs suited to localized situations providing high quality irradiance.  Dragons Breath® is a long established professional company specializing in battery storage solutions. Offering knowledge based UK driven lighting designs. Columns or posts 3-5m lengths are available in steel or aluminum to suit the application. Installation services are available upon request. This selection provides full scope delivering our range of solar lighting products are all battery powered LED components, batteries and columns.

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