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About this category

Our range of high quality renewable energy component parts dedicated to providing maximum remote power locations across the country using system parts.

Off-grid solar components

These parts include low voltage specifically designed solar panels which can be coupled to our range of battery management controllers. These provide the important link to safeguard any system from over voltage or severe depletion of battery Charge through regulators. Other component parts include solar panel ground or post mounting fixing kits. Supported building fixing components range making safe secure permanent fixtures. Control switches isolate power separately. A selection of different sized fused component parts protecting against any form of over power through DC wiring. Extension cables for longer runs, battery connection sets and DC to AC high class inverters create instant 230VAC power requirements 100w through to 3000w linked to deep cycle batteries that range from 8Ah to 220Ah capacities.

Caravan battery storage designed around small solar panels, offering unlimited leisure battery power supply. These mobile energy generation systems provide backup all year around to 12v and 24v systems. Never let your batteries run down while away from your caravan, or motor home.

Very important to understand that your valuable leisure batteries are better served when fully charged condition using our off-grid solar components. Many mobile systems need power constantly for electrical items. This may cause any battery to drain down, To overcome this inevitable result, we are offering a solution to maximize the free sun light energy created. This will be used to charge batteries every day making sure you never have to remove your battery and plug into the mains supply again.

We provide high class quality manufactured solar PV panels tier 1 for optimum UK weather irradiance designed specifically for the DIY enthusiast and camping industry. We can provide quality right through. This involves using the correct solar modules as our muscle, the correct solar cable as our arteries, the top solar panel regulator as the brain making sure the battery is never over charged, and the leisure battery as the heart of the complete system. When we put the quality products together and match the energy yield, significantly your will reap the returns over and over again.

Our aim to offer you specifications and prices based on your requirements, please advice details of your needs. We can then provide you the correct information by return...EMAIL US