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A range of bluesolar charge controllers for use with any sized off the grid battery charging system. Bluesolar is the product range within Victron energy. This covers a number of individual products which make up the overview. We offer bluesolar charge controllers in PWM and MPPT. These offer sophisticated management of any off the grid solar panel battery charging system. These start with the light at 5A and go right through to the 150/100 MPPT units. These can all be individually configured to match any solar panel configuration need. These can be purchased as standard MPPT or PWM options or if you wanted to manage the state of charge remotely via your phone, then this can be done using the Smartsolar controller range within this page. With all of the Bluesolar charge controllers the first number indicate the open circuit voltage followed by the second number which is the maximum charge current. This is an example of what the number mean. If you have further questions regarding the range, please drop us a line so that we can assist.