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RAFTER corrugated roof solar fixing kits Using this renown K2 fixing system will provide a guaranteed permanent structure designed for commercial barns or prefabricated roofs. Each one of these rafter solar fixing kits will contain the required amount of water proof component parts to suit rafter roof lines in portrait. Click on the drop down to allocate the panel quantities required. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT KIT TO MATCH YOU BEAM LAYOUT Rafter or Purling Click on this link to watch the rafter installation video: K2 Rafter bolt attachment video PLEASE ADVICE CLAMP SIZE FIXING REQUIREMENTS TO MATCH YOUR SOLAR MODULES 34-36mm, 37-38mm, 39-41mm, 42-44mm, 45-47mm, 49-50mm corrugated roof | wooden purling or rafter solar kits We also supply roof fixing kits to suit these types of coverings: