• Solar Inverter repairs

    Solar Inverter repairs (1)

    When you have a problem with your solar PV inverter, or if your photovoltaic system has simply stopped working call us. We are based in West Wales and can provide a service to get your solar installation back up and running again. Our company have been established for over 20 years, therefore we understand the complexities of all solar installations that…
  • Solar Panel Installation

    Solar Panel Installation (1)

    Dragons Breath battery storage installation services can provide warranties on all equipment installed by our solar team. The DBS team have over 20 year’s knowledge in solar panel renewable energy services. We have a quality installation team that can provide fast efficient services. When investing in solar energy it is important to know that the trained team of installers are…
  • Solar system servicing

    Solar system servicing (2)

    We can repair or replace any part of your solar PV panel system. Servicing or repairs in west wales. Call us for help with your solar panel faults.
  • Solar thermal servicing

    Solar thermal servicing (1)

    All solar thermal hot water systems need servicing every year to make sure they are running correctly. You may have issues with your system that is making the solar fluid run to hot; this creates wear and tear with other components in the heating circuit. You may be experiencing leaks or problems with the pump station or controller. These can…

About this category

We offer a fully tailored service to provide help with your solar panels.

We can inspect your existing solar panels and associated equipment parts. Plus other items connected to your system. Our trained staff will analyse faults or errors that have built up between the components. Be that solar PV or solar thermal systems. With PV we have the skills and ability to remedy and repair any PV panel circuit or inverter problems. Your solar thermal system may need to be re pressurized to bring the system back to its full potential.

If you require upgrades to battery storage or maybe a new solar installation, contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We can arrange a call to inspect issues with your solar panel installation.