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Dragons Breath Solar Lighting
Consultancy Service.

We offer this service to help our
customers with any issues relating or to specifying material parts
for projects. As we are an on line shop our goal is to always be honest with
our customers.

Below is questionnaire, this will help us to understand any issues surrounding the specification.

This process starts with us asking you
to be as descriptive in your request as possible.

Provide any photographic evidence and
measurements of the area to be
illuminated. This will start the correspondence.
Your specification and information will allow us to understand your needs and
provide a technical evaluation service.

  • We will require the full post code of project
  • Your name and telephone number
  • Full area measurements
  • Reason for illumination
The calculation will be priced for one hours help. A refund is available when the customer purchases all equipment parts specified through our company.