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If you are looking for help in any aspect of solar. We can provide a bespoke professional service to help you answer those questions.

We help in many ways, firstly by offering advise in many of the underlying inherent problems that can be common when looking on the internet for a solution where price is king.

Cost are variable, not unlike many other products we purchase in our life, but the common denominator is quality. Without some form of quality control the whole concept of trying to do well and not use fossil fuels is pointless. Low cost imitations only give the solar industry a bad name.  Solar was developed over time to power batteries in outer space. While in the atmosphere, you will find it is a constant where the suns power will not alter. What's the difference you might ask, well on earth we have the many variations in our climate, plus the many variations of performance up and down any country. So no two locations on earth will generate the same amount of energy. Therefore it is important to understand how much you need to generate for your needs. The equipment can then be sized to match. 

With our climate comes lots of unpredictable elements, as it changes from season to season. Strong winds, harsh arctic weather, rain snow and excessive heat. Your solar installation not only has to work at these times but it has to withstand all of what our climate can throw in its direction. To fully understand this, requires a certain amount of technical knowledge. We have over 20 years plus knowledge of what is good and bad, regarding any questions relating to renewable topics.

 If you require our assistance. We look at all of the variables and offer advice to enable you to provide the correct equipment matched to each other. We use quality manufacturers that provide a performance guarantee, and the performance to run your required equipment.
We understand that the fixing equipment you purchase, has to be measured against strong wind loadings and many other variables. So we can provide design service to offer help in this discipline. If you need help with solar panel fixings or kits, click on this link: If you require help in understand the pitfalls surrounding the quality aspects of solar panels or the sizing these panels to match your on or off-grid energy needs then click on this link:
You may require assistance with battery sizing and understanding why you should use the correct battery for the job, an important part of any solar battery system click on this link:
We can also also provide the correct charge controller or inverter to match your off grid needs. High performance, long life equipment with a 5 years warranty to provide a solution to all of your needs. Click on this link for further off grid equipment: We can help you by providing a service to fully understand your energy storage needs and advise accordingly. If you are happy to purchase equipment yourself, we have all equipment parts at these links:
You may need help with a solar thermal circuit or system fault that requires technical assistance. Again we are here to help overcome any such issue. Just contact our team in the first instance and we can do the rest. We offer a quick answer to your question. If you require us to spend an amount of time on this investigation, please advise.