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    If you are looking for help in any aspect of solar. We can provide a bespoke professional service to help you answer those questions. We help in many ways, firstly by offering advise in many of the underlying inherent problems that can be common when looking on the internet for a solution where price is king. Cost are variable, not…
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    Dragons Breath was established by Tonie & Johnathan Rowles in 1997. Johnathan has over 40 years of industrial engineering knowledge, in mechanical and electrical disciplines. Dragons Breath Solar have only ever focused on quality products. This way they believe that the common denominator is that the very best foundations repay dividends in long life and yield higher returns.

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Dragons Breath have been established for over 20 years, during this time we have provided our customers products and services involved with the generation, production and storage of power supplies for off-grid remote applications. 

The future is looking bright as Dragons Breath can now provide solar energy storage for any remote application. Lighting products, street lights. road signs, factory signs and bespoke home signs. All commodities associated with solar PV systems, such as battery storage management systems and components that will provide storage for own use during the hours of darkness, making the solar panels viable 24 hours per day. Our equipment is compatible with almost any other grid inverters making it a must to store future harvested electricity needs. Our off grid power kits have induction components parts designed to provide many remote locations with a stable amount of stored energy. Battery backup in 12 and 24v high class energy cells that can provide environmentally acceptable solutions to instant power needs. We specialize in standalone technologies, where normal power supplies are non-existent or very irregular.