Solar panel size calculation


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Solar panel size calculation, solar panel needs, just advice us of your requirements. We can then put this through our solar panel size calculator. Let us help you understand the principles of solar energy. To allow us help you, we need to understand your use of energy. The solar panel power requirement can then be constructed to match that need.

  • The hours per day power is
    needed to run your appliances in your home.
  • How much power per day is
    used, this is determined by the appliances domestic or otherwise that use
    this power. A silver label on the back of appliance will provide this information.
  • Is this power required all year around, yes or no. If no please advice further information.

This will then allow us calculate for you, the correct solar panel array
to match your request.

Benefits of dealing with Dragons Breath.

  • Our knowledge
  • 20 Years in business
  • Our technical support
  • Our installation help
  • Items are designed to match
    customer requirements
  • We offer a consultancy
  • We provide where needed
    instructions for equipment
  • We offer warranties for all
  • Our equipment is designed
    for UK weather and conditions
  • We solve problems for our
    Battery storage systems 

Solar panel size calculation, can provide you with information regarding your solar panel needs, just advice us of your requirements. We will put this through our calculation tools to provide you with the
solar gain available in your area during the 12 month of calendar year. The
information with the suggested solar array will then be sent back to you
usually within 24 hours.

This calculation will be priced for one hours help. A refund is available when the customer purchases all equipment parts specified through our company.