Solar panel size calculation

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When thinking about your solar panel size calculation or solar panel needs, we can advise on the best option based upon your needs. To help you, if you can advise us of your requirements by email correspondence. We can then put this through our own DBS solar panel calculator UK to provide a simple and quick measurement of what to expect at your location.

Let us help you understand the principles of solar energy. We have the knowledge needed to understand your use of energy. The solar panel power requirement can then be constructed to match that need. This may be for an off the grid application or maybe you want to install solar panels on your property.

Below are the questions we would need to know, based upon your response to the questions. We will be able to assist you with a solar panel design.

  • The hours per day power is needed to run your appliances.
  • How much power per day is used, this is determined by the wattage of appliances or otherwise the power requirement. Usually a silver label on the back of appliance will provide this information.
  • Is this power required all year around, or for seasonal times
  • Will the power be needed for an amount of time each day, how many hours

This will then allow us calculate for you, the correct solar panel calculator UK for your off grid requirement or array size to match your request.

Benefits of dealing with Dragons Breath.

  • Our knowledge
  • 20 Years in business
  • Our technical support
  • Off grid systems advice
  • Home grid product advice
  • Systems designed to match customer requirements
  • One to one consultancy service
  • We provide where needed advice for installation of equipment
  • We offer warranties for all products purchased on our web site
  • Our equipment is predominantly designed for UK locations
  • If required we are able to assist with other locations and needs, World wide
  • We solve problems for our clients
  • We offer a solution to the feed in tariff where new customer are losing out
  • We provide a solution to rising electricity bills to make your solar system store excess energy in battery banks

When using our solar panel size calculation, We will put this through our bespoke calculation tools to provide you with the solar gain available in your area during the 12 month calendar year. The information with the suggested solar panel size will then be sent back to you usually within 24 hours. We can then point you to the most suitable product on our web site.

Solar panel size calculation
Solar panel size calculation, we can provide you with information regarding your solar panel needs, just advice us of your requirements.

We offer a quick answer to your question. If you require us to spend an amount of time on this investigation, please advise.