Solax X1-AC 3.6kw Charger

Solax X1-AC 3.6kw Charger

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The easy to install AC battery charging system from Solax. This enables households with existing solar systems to encompass single phase AC battery storage using this grid connected inverter.
The Solax X1-AC 3.6kw AC battery charger is dispatched with control/BMU to safeguard important lithium battery system.
When using this battery charger you may also require either the 4.5kwh or 6.3kwh Triple power batteries. These can be expanded as required to suit your requirements by adding extra T45 or T63 home storage batteries to make 9kwh or 12.6kwh.
Solar battery storage link for EPS change over switch and high power lithium-ion Solax compatible batteries:
The home AC inverter has been designed for converting existing 4kw FIT solar panel systems into battery storage.
If purchased together the Solax X1 AC retro fix inverter with either T45 or T63 batteries in the kits below, can reduce the cost of equipment parts. Below we have helped you by offering a way to build your own package. This can provide 3850w | 4125w | 4400w solar panel packages. This includes battery and inverter discounted bundle packs

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