How do I charge my batteries using solar

This is a simple question to answer, how do I charge my batteries using solar. Well the object is to make sure your batteries do not overcharge while connected to your battery system. The charge also needs to make sure you do not take too much out of your battery. This is important, as taking the charge of standard batteries below a certain level will ultimately cause damage to the cell structure.

So lets start with the obvious, the size of the battery and type of battery. This could be lead acid, AGM, or a lithium type battery bank. Each one of these may require a different style of charger. If you are just charging a battery from mains power source then this product will provide what you need, Victron 230v battery chargers it will cover all battery types. Should you want to charge batteries by solar energy then this can be done by either using the following Victron charge controllers MPPT or PWM. MPPT is a multi pin point tracking device that constantly monitors the algorithms to provide instant climate alterations across the charging spectrum. This product can be used to provide a safe charge and discharge management control across a wide range of PV panel voltages. It is prominently on higher current solar panels as a rule of thumb. If you not want to adopt a PWM, pulse width modulation controller, this would undoubtedly provide a high yield based upon the correct selection of charge controller from 12v, 24, or 48v delivering high charge currents.

They types of controller are completely different systems, that are designed to provide management based upon lower voltage and current characteristics of the solar panel used. The PWM, will slowly reduce the charge to avoid over heating the battery bank at set point. It basically regulates the charge a battery can sustain from solar without damaging it. The PWM charge controllers are available in 5A, 10A, 20A, and 30A to work with battery voltages between 12-48v.

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