What size solar panel do I need

Depending on the task you have will determine what size solar panel do I need.

Lets say you want to trickle charge a small battery system, then depending on how often you want to use the battery will then determine the size of the solar panel. To calculate this, first apply the current being taken from battery and multiply this by the wp size of solar panel over time. Remember a solar panel is only as good as it weakest link. that may be the quality of the solar panel itself. We always provide top quality products, so that this week link is never a major factor. Go to our solar panel page: 12 volt solar panels for off grid storage applications, this offers you some of the best performing 12v solar panels. If you then needed extension cables that go from the panel to the controller, then to this link: Off grid solar cable 3m | PV extension cables. Should you require a specific cable from battery to controller then go to this link: Battery controller cables | Connecting battery safely.

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Small 12 volt solar panels
Small 12v solar panels for off the grid application storage