How much power will a solar panel generate

To determine how much a solar panel will generate depends on several key factors. Location is the key component in identifying what a solar panels will generate. This factor of irradiance unfortunately is not the same in any part of the World, so we have to calculate the result based upon a given place. The time of day needs consideration along with the time of the year. If may sound a little bit complicated, but to examine the performance these factors need to be taken into account.

We have tested PV panels in many different locations and at different orientation angles, this undoubtedly affect the outcome of a given result. As you will find the suns horizon plays a major part in delivering maximum potential gain in summer and winter times. Should the panel be shaded in any way, then this also can affect the result. So to go back to basics, we need to know the location, the angle PV panel is positioned, the time of year the panel is predominantly being used. If all year then an average can be calculated to this effect. The size of panel may or may not, deliver what you expect. So as an example lets say you install a 100w solar panel in London @ 35° pointing south, then this component will return the maximum potential based upon that setting. Should you want to calculate the return that 100w PV panel generates, then this is a completely different matter.

With any link, the system is only as good as the quality of the solar panel you are using. There are several grades of PV panel on the market. Therefore it is imperative to adopt a product that provides the best return. This can be done by selecting a grade ‘A’ type solar panels, without this factor being taken into account the performance of a product will decline considerably after a couple of years use and make it difficult to determine the true value. We as a company only offer grade ‘A’ Solar Panels, yes they cost a bit more on the offset but will perform at maximum manufacturers test results for at least 25 years plus. This undoubtedly will provide the best pay back on your initial cost, rather than having to purchase a new product when the lower cost item might fail to perform its duties.

12 volt solar panels for off grid storage applications are usually smaller in size than On grid solar panels or on roof solar panels. To try and assist our customers, we offer an advise service to make sure you fully understand what a solar panel will generate for your project. Contact Us – Dragons Breath Solar for assistance in this matter.

Solar panel size calculation
Solar panel size calculation, we can provide you with information regarding your solar panel needs, just advice us of your requirements