Will solar run my shed

When asked this question, will solar run my shed. It is important to understand what needs to be run in the shed.

If it is just lights, then we offer this Solar batten light for inside or outdoor uses to satisfy that need. It is self governing from dusk until dawn. If required it can be set to work by PIR automatically, or via the remote control in this kit the light can be switched on or off as required.

Should you want to use the shed to power domestic equipment such as drills and sanding equipment etc, then this could be done by using an Victron energy Inverters pure sine wave inverter or an Victron EasySolar Inverter / Charger system. These are sized to match your needs. The 115 watt, 140 watt, 160watt, 250 watt to 450w Solar Panels are then connected to generated the correct amount of energy needed to provide your energy generation. The next part of the circuit is to provide the most appropriate battery system to match the needs. This again is determined on the overall capacity, we can assist if needed to advise the correct battery when you are ready to proceed. The batteries we offer are heavy duty Deep Cycle Solar Panel Batteries 12 or 24v extra long life units, Suitable for many score years of performance.

If you want a smaller kit to provide DC Solar Kits 12v with added power varied amounts of DC power, that have all equipment ready for you to install. Above that we offer small inverter kits to deploy AC power @ 230VAC. Off the grid Take a look at this link to view the options.

If you still require assistance with any shed project, then contact us using this link: Contact Us – Dragons Breath Solar

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