How Commercial Solar Lighting Can Benefit Your Business

Commercial solar lighting won’t leave you to the whim of the national grid and it allows you to save on your energy bills in more ways than one. Here’s a guide as to how commercial solar lighting can benefit your business as you think ahead about adapting to carbon neutrality goals and reducing your carbon footprint more broadly.

They Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As governments slowly realise and implement necessary carbon-neutrality goals, companies and businesses have the opportunity to do this at a much quicker pace because they’re much smaller and more nimble.

Everybody understands the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint but there are some important commercial benefits that often aren’t considered by those in business. Not only does it make your company or service look more attractive to potential customers but it could also make you eligible for various government schemes and grants.

In the new age of sustainability, think ahead and buy solar panels from a trusted supplier like Dragons Breath Solar.

Save on Energy Bills

Everybody thinks that solar lighting saves energy bills because you rely less on electricity. Whilst this is true, the ways in which you save on bills are more nuanced than this.

Firstly, because it adjusts to how light it is outside, solar lighting is self-regulating. This level of adaptability is much better at avoiding energy waste than simply altering timers when the day is shortened or extended by an hour.

Secondly, it’s a myth that cloudy skies stop solar panels from generating electricity. A single metre squared panel facing south would generate 1,000 kilowatt-hours each year, which is a quarter of the electricity used by the average household. Imagine the amount of electricity your business would produce, and the amount of money this would save, if you placed numerous panels in a particularly exposed area, tilted to an optimal angle!

Independent From Conventional Lighting Methods

The next time there’s a power outage, you and your business will be the last one’s laughing because, where everybody else fumbles around in the dark, you can operate as normal. Whereas conventional lighting methods leave you and your business to the whim of the national grid, solar energy still generates electricity even when there are problems with the power.

Another great benefit of commercial solar lighting is that it can easily be expanded upon. Should you decide further down the line that you’d like to further improve your carbon footprint, or should you decide to expand your facilities and require lighting solutions, solar lighting is an adaptable option.

It’s especially versatile because panels can be added almost to customisation, with a range of solar fixing systems available to purchase. This allows you to install solar panels in particularly unique and tricky locations.

As you begin to plan ahead and think about how your business can reduce its carbon footprint, don’t forget about solar panels and their many benefits for businesses. Not only do they reduce your carbon footprint, but they also allow you to save on your energy bills and help to keep you safe from power outages.

If you have any further questions about solar panels and how they can help your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dragon Breath Solar by calling 01646 600151 today!