• Clay tile kits

    Clay tile kits (1)

    Clay tile fixing kits. Use this style of solar panel fixing kit on flat double thin tiled roofs. It is fixed with K2 stainless screws to secure ready for rails. We also supply roof fixing kits to suit these types of coverings: Slate tiles Plain tiles Clay tiles Concrete tiles Rafter kits (corrugated) Trapezoidal roof coverings Mini rail (box section…
  • Concrete -Tile - Solar - Fixing

    Concrete -Tile - Solar - Fixing (1)

    Concrete tile solar fixing kits, otherwise known as pan tiled. Click on this link to view the K2 installation video: K2 Roof Anchor system video Pan Tiled | Concrete Marley style | Solar roof kits Click here to download - Pan Tile Brochure On-Roof concrete tile solar panel K2 fixing kits can be attached to pan tile concrete roof coverings. We…
  • Mini rail system

    Mini rail system (3)

    Each mini rail system has been designed to span the trapezoidal box section of metal roofs. Helping to cut down installation costs. Below you will find an aid when using the mini rail system. Mini rail box profile compact solar fixing kits Click on link to view the mini rail data sheet :  Click here to download - K2 Mini…
  • Plain Tile Solar Kits

    Plain Tile Solar Kits (1)

    Plain tile solar kits are ideal for attaching rows of PV panels. By using these it is possible to attach the K2 solar rails onto any flat tiled roof. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel and aluminum parts, to avoid flexing under extreme wind conditions. Buy once, purchase the best to avoid breaking tiles. These kits can be used on…
  • Rafter Solar Fixing Kits

    Rafter Solar Fixing Kits (1)

    RAFTER corrugated roof solar fixing kits Using this renown K2 fixing system will provide a guaranteed permanent structure designed for commercial barns or prefabricated roofs. Each one of these rafter solar fixing kits will contain the required amount of water proof component parts to suit rafter roof lines in portrait. Click on the drop down to allocate the panel quantities…
  • Slate on roof solar fixing kits

    Slate on roof solar fixing kits (1)

    Slate on roof fixing kits provide a complete secure solar building rail structure attachment package. Suitable for any solar panel type. Snow and wind loading calculations can be provided as required. K2 systems are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions. Components efficiently interact with the relevant contracts. Solar on-roof | Slate tile fixing kits We also supply roof fixing kits…
  • Speed Fit kits

    Speed Fit kits (1)

    Solar Speed fit box profile kits Using this link: Click here to download - K2 Speed Rail Assembly Instructions Provide by far the quickest and easiest way to fit solar panels onto a commercial metal trapezoid metal roof. Click on the links below to see the cheapest way of fixing modules. By using speed fit you can provide on roof installations…
  • Trapeziodal Solar fixing kits

    Trapeziodal Solar fixing kits (1)

    Trapezoidal solar fixing kits for box section roof. Secure multi rail fixings on agricultural farm buildings to provide a secure fixture. It is easy to attach our stainless steel fixings into metal box profile roofs. Fixing kits are provided to accept any solar panel dimensions. Including everything required to complete your multi rail solar panel installations project. The fixing kits…

About this category

Sloped Roof Solar Kits

Designed by K2 to match any roof surface covering we offer cost-effective solar panel mounting solutions for any crystalline silicon photovoltaic panel mounting size. All our rooftop solar kits are complete with all material parts to complete any mounting structure enabling the homeowner to install solar panels correctly and securely onto a pitched-roof.

The mounting brackets are positioned under existing roof tiles covering using a flashing kit that fixes around the mounting system to prevent water ingress, this is known as best solar practice. Where roof mounting of any solar-installation provides residential solar power installation with the ability to generate electricity power from PV panels effectively using the energy from the sun.

These solar panel kits can be used for mounting your own solar photovoltaic panels to reduce your carbon- footprint. Through our sustainable energy design using natural sunlight. You could have your own electricity generation supplementing utility company bills. It is simple, you decide how many photovoltaic solar panels you require.

We then provide the knowledge to install those rooftop modules onto your renewable home.

Our customers achieve this by using a warranted roofing company, installations should be simple and efficient watertight and come with a guarantee for the tile roof. All our on-roof fixing kits come with a 5-year warrantee built in. It is possible for us to supply both trade and DIY customers without any objections. We offer kits from 1 panel to fix onto any roof structure up to 50 or more PV panels.

We provide a complete range designed by K2 to match any surface covering. Below you will find the K2 instruction video. This provides an example of how easy the system is to assemble kits

Click on this link to view the K2 installation video: K2 Roof Anchor system video

Click on this link to watch the K2 rafter installation video: K2 Rafter bolt attachment video

Click here link to watch the K2 mini rail video: Mini Rail Installation Video

*Please advise the solar panel  fixing requirements when ordering any of our kits.*   We offer fixing clamps from 34mm through to 50mm

Sloped roof solar fixing kits to match any style of covering, slate, pan, plain tile, Marley, trapezoidal, clay, rafter or any other type.