• Off grid home kits

    Off grid home kits (1)

    The off grid home kits can be used where normal power supplies are not available. These are usually backed up by using a diesel generator, to avoid power outages during low sun during winter periods.
  • Self consumption solar kits

    Self consumption solar kits (3)

    These kits are supplied to provide the user with self consumption solar kits. To power their residential solar needs as required.
  • Solar home battery storage

    Solar home battery storage (6)

    We offer a range of solar home battery storage solutions. These encompass new and existing PV installations.
  • Solax solar equipment

    Solax solar equipment (3)

    We offer a range of Solax solar equipment
  • Standard Solar PV Kits

    Standard Solar PV Kits (5)

    Our range of standard solar PV kits enable the user to connect power from panels back into household grid.

About this category

We offer a range of solar PV panel kits for many different uses, be that off grid, battery backup or self consumption needs. Click on any of the links for further details regarding your needs.