What size off grid system do I need

When deciding to utilize an off grid system, it is important to understand the fundamentals. Lets start with the question, what size off grid system do I need. This is very simple to answer, as an off grid system is sized is different to a household solar panel system.

You have to think of things in a different way, try to think that you were stranded on a desert island with only a solar panel and a battery. This then establishes that every day you will generate a given amount of power that is stored in the battery. So the amount of energy lets say the panel produces for arguments sake 100wp, this then is multiplied by the available sunlight hours on a given day. Lets say for instance 5 hours, therefore the power into the battery is equivalent to 500w.

This establishes a base line to work with. So you want to run lights in a shed after dark. Multiply the energy needed to show your calculation. Then decide the size of the PV panel needed to deliver this energy requirement. When this has been established you will then know what size off grid system I need.

As a company, we design and produce off grid systems using small solar panels. The off grid battery bank size is calculated against the demand of the load. Thus it is important to make sure you are delivering the correctly sized off grid battery storage systems. This is crucial to the design, as without correctly sizing the off grid parts you will undoubtedly end up on the desert island without enough energy to power your needs.

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