Can I use solar on my van

It is important to understand the roof space available, when asking the question can I use solar on my van.

All vehicles are different sizes, as such may need a different product to match the size of the vehicle application. Some owners are very keen to adopt as much as possible, while some owners only want a small amount of PV to trickle charge batteries using solar panels on the roof of a van. Which ever way you decide to go we are here to help with your needs. Be that a semi flexible solar panel that is glued permanently onto the roof, or maybe using a ridged PV panel with mounting brackets to provide a suitable fixing. We offer a number of systems and individual parts to overcome the daunting task.

Flexible solar panels in 50w or 110w sizes from SunPower: Semi flexible solar panels using the roof adhesive Sikaflex 521

Ridged solar panels of 115w, 140w, 160w and 175w or full size 345w and 380w PV panels, are affixed to the roof with either DIY Caravan solar fixing roof mounting kit glued in place using roof adhesive Sikaflex 521 or can be fixed using a corner frame fixing Mini rail speed fixing system this has a foam rubber that will not scratch any metallic surface, affixed in place using self tapping screws. With any solar panel you will need the operating equipment to make auxiliary batteries charge sufficiently. This can be done by using these parts: campervan battery power systems | mobile 230Vac grid power, obviously if you require any help organizing the project.

We are here to assist. Contact Us – Dragons Breath Solar for assistance in this matter.

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