I want to go off grid

Sunsynk CT coil extension setWe are asked this question quite often by customers, so when the say I want to go off grid do they really understand the full meaning of this statement.

Do they think off grid is storing energy in to a battery pack or totally off-grid like being on a desert island.

We understand that many are looking to become self sufficient as far as power is concerned. Although the customer that ask this question invariably are connected to the national grid, which makes it very difficult to answer their question. I fully understand the ambition behind this request, but to go totally off the grid is something people have to do when a mains power supply is not readily available. We more often than not advise these customers to look at substituting the total need, by either offering a standard grid tie product or a battery storage system designed around solar power. This is then a relatively easy substitute to being off grid. This can be done in several ways, depending on how sophisticated the equipment you want to use will depend upon a budget. Normally a standard grid tie system via this think takes care of power needs during the daylight hours. This kit contains everything required: Create your own system | design build solar paneled kit. Should you want to go to a battery system, then this next level system needs to be employed: 4kw Solar Lithium-Ion Battery Home Storage Systems For New or Existing Installations. The need to go off grid can be summed up by looking at this next product, it will allow the owner to have the power stored in batteries to be made available should the national grid go down. Take a look, we have two options for your to digest: Battery backup self-consumption or Battery backup self-consumption – Dragons Breath Solar We offer equipment for self consumption or off the grid. Click on the links to evaluate the costs.

Self consumption solar kits

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