What do I need to charge batteries using solar

This is a good question, what do I need to charge batteries using solar. The first thing you need to identify is the size of your battery. The size of a solar panel can then be calculated. Once you have this knowledge, it is possible to move onto the next part of the question.

You will require a correctly sized charge controller: Solar Charge Controllers 12v-48v configurations, a charge controller will enable the source of power being generated to be regulated enabling the power from solar not to over power batteries. The controller need to be connected to the battery using a suitably sized cable with ends that match the battery terminals. Make sure you assemble the controller to battery using this cable set: Battery controller cables.

To connect the solar panels to charge controller, you will find most solar panels are usually supplied with flying leads, these are about 500mm in length with with male and female MC4 connectors attached. These connectors can be extended using our ready made leads, to almost any length required. By using the product in this link: MC4 extension leads it is possible to then cut them in half and have a male and female ends that will take you to the charge controller. This will enable the source of power being generated by solar panel to be regulated, enabling the power not to over power batteries. See example below, leads from battery need to be connected followed by the flying leads from solar panel into (positive & negative) terminals fitted to controller.

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