Do I need more than one solar panel

This question of do I need more than one solar panels can be quickly answered. Depending on your needs and available space would determine the answer to this question. Lets say you wanted to put a 350w solar panel size onto a small area, maybe that physical space is not large enough for one full size 350w solar panel because of roof light of other, then we would offer 2 x 175w solar panels. This way they could be mounted separately, and assembled in such a way that they were connected via cables to deliver the same generation amount.

To actually analyze the amount of solar panels required to match a project task, a calculation is required to determine the amount of power required to perform its duties. Think desert island, if you do not generate enough power, then you have no other means of hooking up to an external power source. So making sure you have calculated the size of solar panel needed, will determine if you need more than one solar panel.

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