What will a solar panel run

The answer to this question has to be turned around, instead of asking what will a solar panel run. I would ask what do you intend to use the solar panel for. Do you want to charge a battery, or do you want to power something specific.

The output of a solar panel, determines the possible use. Lets say you opt for 115w x 12 volt solar panels for off grid storage applications then say you put the power into a battery. Then the hours while it is in generation mode, ie during sun light hours is the amount this will provide each day. Batteries are sized in Amp hours, therefore if you have 50Ah battery, you would need a solar panel that would charge this relatively quickly. Let’s say each day the 115w solar panel would generate 5 hours per day, then this would be equal to 50Ah. With the power of a 50Ah battery, you could run lights, mobile phone or other 12v equipment.

So the size of the panel determines what can be run, not the other way around. We offer a wide range of solar PV panels for many different uses. These can be to power AC equipment while away from the home grid. But you will require a bit more specialized knowledge to expand this using things such as charge controllers / regulators, deep super cycle batteries, along with cable accessories, solar spares for battery connections, and a pure sine wave inverter. Then you are able to run a basic system using a solar panel.

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