Can solar run my home

This is an open ended question, can solar run my home. To be honest the size of the property my have to be taken into account, along with the available space for solar PV panels. Once we know how much space is available, a simple calculation can be established to answer this question. But on the whole the answer is yes, solar can run my home. Solar works on the principle of irradiance levels or the Suns energy. This is calculation is established by the location of the property to understand the full potential. Solar can be connected to the home grid by means of an inverter, this takes the DC voltages from the solar PV panels and converts it in simple terms back to AC mains power. The household grid works on a 230v 50-60hz grid connection, and by hooking up to this via the correct equipment it is possible to supplement the power being sent to your property from the National grid, with solar powered generated by PV panels. This was a system that worked well when consumers some years ago, were able to receive a rebate feed in tariff supplement for the energy generated. Now that this has all but finished, consumers are looking for another method to fight the rising costs of electricity being purchased from electrical resellers.

The use of a battery backup systems are the ideal way to put additional electricity generated, over and above the energy used from a solar system to their property. This works in the following method. Power is generated during sunlight hours, this then is fed in the household grid to be used for fridges, cookers, lights, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, microwaves and any other 230v electrical equipment that is used during day light hours. Should the PV system not be used for any appliance, then the power generated is directed in a battery storage system for use when needed. This could be used when you arrive home from work, or maybe to charge a car of other battery powered vehicle.

The evidence is showing that many household electricity bills are rising, so the way to combat this is to store power into a battery bank for use when needed. This way it can dramatically reduce household electricity costs of the coming years.

We offer a range of PV systems for those who just want to supplement their needs. This is a basic Solar PV grid connected system, that provides an amount of power to the home during daylight, with any excess being sent back down the line to electrical companies. This is an ideal system who do not go out to work, maybe people who work from home or retired people who just want to reduce the annual electricity cost. For those people this is the system we would suggest, based upon the available space for solar panels. Create your own system | design build solar paneled kit.

For those who want a battery storage package, this option is designed to provide battery backup. Do you already have an existing solar PV system, if so you require an AC coupled kit for battery Home Storage Systems For New or Existing Installations to allow the link to original inverter. Obviously we would need to understand what inverter you have in place to match the addition to match. Alternatively the hybrid inverter/charger system can be used, this will not need the original string inverter, as it will perform both duties on its own. We can offer this in several formats, see this example Solax Triple Power household renewable storage battery systems.

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