What size battery controller

To look at this concern of what size battery controller, a system plan will need to be designed to examine the reason behind the size of battery charge controller needed.

If we look at the obvious, a battery controller will stop the battery in question from over charging. If a battery over charges, then it is heating up the inner construction and forcing the negative and positive cells to short circuit. If prolonged this will inevitably make the battery flat and not able to be re-charged. The other significant side effect is that the battery could expand in size, with the acid affect inside creating a dangerous and possible rupture.

To avoid any such catastrophic effects from happening, it is important to understand the fundamental as described above. Without a correctly sized charge controller the charge sequence runs out of control. We offer advise in selecting the correct Charge Controller this has to be undertaken mathematically to fully understand the size. Your system may only require a small PWM type charge controller this is dependent on the output of the charge and voltage being sent to the battery. Alternatively if you have a larger capacity of energy that is directed towards the battery, then it may be that a Smartsolar MPPT charge controller is more suited to your needs. This offers the owner to remotely view the state of charge via a mobile phone apt. Making it easy to adjust the settings if needed remotely.

To fully understand the correct size battery controller to offer our customers, we need to know the answer to the voltage and current being directed towards the battery bank you want to charge.

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Victron PWM LCD display blue solar charge controller
Victron LCD display charge controller
SmartSolar MPPT controller charger
Smartsolar MPPT charge controller