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Solar Powered Street Lights

Being energy-efficient isn’t just about making changes around the home. At Dragon Breath Solar, we provide a range of products including solar street lights that can be installed across the UK.

Our outdoor solar lights are manufactured using the latest high-performance LED chipped units and they can perform during both summer and winter. Solar street lamps can be programmed to consistently operate (from dusk until dawn) at any location in the UK so the area can remain safe while conserving energy.

Do you need a specific bespoke design? All off our in house products can be tailored to meet any prerequisite conditions laid out by local councils or authorities so you can find solar LED lighting that works for your needs.

We understand that the weather can vary dramatically across the UK, which is why we design systems tailored to locations including Scotland, the Midlands, North and South of England. With over 12 years of experience, we only offer the very best products so whether you need solar car park lights or solar lamp posts we have it all.

Our solar streetlight comes in many different sizes and shapes, these are to meet with customers expectations regarding the look and output of any product. If you require a light to illuminate an area or just a light to provide a beacon, then we can help.

Investing in streetlights is a way of investing into the future to reduce energy-consumption and subsequently to help offset the carbon footprint by using solar led lights in walkways, car parks, play areas pathway lighting and roadway illumination. We offer a multi-directional motion sensor light that will either power up from 30% background to 100% brightness or adjusted by us to reflect the lighting control required for your location.

We can provide a solar powered lighting system to match any requirement any ware in the country. With its own lithium-ion rechargeable battery they are fully weatherproof to IP67, to withstand the harsh environment conditions they are exposed to.

Powered only using the energy from the sun, they are ideal for dark-sky locations because the design of the luminary will not create light-pollution. Many different types of lighting solutions are available from us. We are here to help and assist you with your community energy saving needs.

The solar powered lights are sized in such a way that they will charge every day of the year using bespoke crystalline solar panel. Our lights can be affixed to existing posts or new columns in a retro style to provide effective lamp post lights for illuminating locations where power may not be available. Contact us first when you have a need for solar powered lights that have 5 years warranty built in.

Contact us with any ideas you may have regarding illumination of an area without mains power supplies. Our dedicated team can provide the ideal product to match any requirement. Our products are warranted for 5 years against faults within the products itself.

All Dragons Breath Solar street lights are sold on the understanding that they will remain in one location. Products are created to match the chosen location and movement to another area, may detract from the available irradiance. We welcome calls from any B2B or B2C organization or local authority interested in developing a strategy to reduce their carbon footprint.

All products are offered without columns, as many of our lighting units are designed to be retro fixed. although should a column or post be required. We can offer a suitable lamp post product to match any request.