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Dragons Breath produces a large range of bespoke solar street lights. These are manufactured for any UK situation or need. System are designs from 3w (435lm) through to 24w (3500lm). Using the latest high-performance LED chipped units. Our products can perform during summer and winter times, over the duration of sunset (dusk until dawn). We can program any of our products to consistently operate at any location in the UK. Meeting with the desired prerequisite conditions pertaining to local bylaws. We offer guidance to specific designs and installations across the UK. These are UK tailored and designed specifically to work efficiently across the whole of the country. We offer bespoke systems manufactured for the various locations such as Scotland, Wales, North of England, midlands and south of England. As the weather can be dramatically different by assessing the local vernacular irradiance. Our company have been producing solar street lights for UK councils up and down the country for over the last 12 years. As such we have an exceptionally good idea of what is required to satisfy any locational need. We offer bespoke multi directional products or standard one-piece luminaries to match the location needs. The solar streetlight comes in many different sizes and shapes, these are to meet with customers expectations regarding the look and output of any product. If you require a light to illuminate an area or just a light to provide a beacon, then we can help. Contact us for any ideas you may have regarding illumination of an area without mains power supplies. Our dedicated team can provide the ideal product to match any requirement. Our products are warranted for 5 years against faults within the products itself. All dragon’s breath solar street light products are sold on the understanding that the locations our luminaries have been designed to match, are not moved to another location as this may create detract from the output available in another area. We look forwards to talking to any organization or local authority who is interested in developing a strategy to reduce their carbon footprint. All products are offered without columns, as many of our lighting units are designed to be retro fixed. although should a column or post be required. We can offer a suitable lamp post product to match any request.